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Zero2Cool (8-Apr) : Packers S Josh Jones changes uniform number
KRK (7-Apr) : RE NCAA finals, I would love to see Bennett win it.
Zero2Cool (4-Apr) : Josh Sitton is retiring.
gbguy20 (4-Apr) : lions now drafting a qb
wpr (3-Apr) : That's a real shame
Nonstopdrivel (3-Apr) : Matthew Stafford's wife has a brain tumor.
Zero2Cool (3-Apr) : @AdamSchefter Cardinals’ free-agent DT Rodney Gunter is visiting today with the Green Bay Packers, per source.
Cheesey (2-Apr) : Happy birthday guys!
Zero2Cool (2-Apr) : Today's Birthdays: Gaycandybacon (27) , Striker (32)
gbguy20 (2-Apr) : setting a great example
gbguy20 (2-Apr) : randy gregory gets his contract extended and earns a signing bonus while servinghis 4th suspension
Zero2Cool (2-Apr) : You .. ahh .. okay bud?
buckeyepackfan (2-Apr) : Damnit . Browns release him. Ineresting. 4th year guy
buckeyepackfan (2-Apr) : Damnit . Browns release him. Ineresting. 4th year guy
buckeyepackfan (2-Apr) : Browns projected starting strong safety Derrick Kindred. The Browns apparently
Cheesey (31-Mar) : Zero gets the “Cheesey post of the day” award!
gbguy20 (31-Mar) : Haha¡
Zero2Cool (30-Mar) : I can't remember her name.
Smokey (30-Mar) : Whats your favorite Chinese food ? I like the Pork Fried Rice the best.
TheKanataThrilla (29-Mar) : Oops Report: Packers 'really interested' in UMass WR Andy Isabella Not sure why my cut and paste did that? Love it if it happened
TheKanataThrilla (29-Mar) : 1RD 12th pick: Devin White (ILB) 1RD 30th pick: Nasir Adderley (S) 2RD 44th pick: Dalton Risner (OL) 3RD 75th pick: Andy Isabella (WR) Please let this be true
gbguy20 (29-Mar) : what's baseball
buckeyepackfan (28-Mar) : CAIN!!!!!! Pulls one back into the field. BREWERS WIN!
Zero2Cool (28-Mar) : Brewers beat those cheating Cardinals.
gbguy20 (28-Mar) : winsconsin
buckeyepackfan (28-Mar) : Wisconsin!
buckeyepackfan (28-Mar) : Ok, which one of you Wiconsin natives won the 750mil powerball? Someone please say me! 😁😁
Smokey (28-Mar) : It may be lost in the mail. LOL
KRK (28-Mar) : Smokey, you didn’t get a copy?
Smokey (28-Mar) : Has LaFleur issued a Packer Play Book yet?
Smokey (27-Mar) : Packers/Raiders could play pre-season game in Canada.
gbguy20 (27-Mar) : get Rodgers playing like he did in 2011 again and we have as good of a chance as anyone
gbguy20 (27-Mar) : lafleur has studied every snap Rodgers has taken the last two years, and is now studying his 2011 snaps. i love this guy already.
gbguy20 (27-Mar) : dash is one of those words man
Nonstopdrivel (27-Mar) : Sorry about the hit-and-run. I had to dash off to the OR.
KRK (27-Mar) : LOL
Porforis (27-Mar) : yup
gbguy20 (27-Mar) : nope
Zero2Cool (27-Mar) : The system broke. It'll be up in a minute.
packerfanoutwest (27-Mar) : one must be stoned to follow fan shout
Nonstopdrivel (26-Mar) : You know there's a lull in the news cycle when the most recent headline in the RSS feed is 17 hours old.
Zero2Cool (26-Mar) : The idea I think was from uffda if I remember right.
wpr (26-Mar) : OH. I misread the post KRK. Sorry bout dat.
wpr (26-Mar) : You're right Zero. It's a great addition to the site.
Cheesey (26-Mar) : (Dang spell check!) WEINER!
Cheesey (26-Mar) : Gee....I wish I was an Oscar Meier Werner!
Smokey (26-Mar) : Today is Hot Dog Day. So heat'em up !
KRK (26-Mar) : Z2C, Great ‘Think About It’ today
KRK (25-Mar) : I will take the under on the over/under
Zero2Cool (25-Mar) : 2019 season will open with Packers at Bears
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Think About It
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